Well, this is an amazing story as it all was so unexpected. I was sitting viewing these short videos they have on Face book when I was encouraged to make my own story, you know the one they send round your phone which lasts 24 hours, or so?

Anyway, suddenly his picture whistled past and I have always thought he has powerful music and in my student corridor late 1980’s I had a law student later turned policeman who would have kissed the ground the man walked on, and as he played his records frequently between studies and volleyball, I got to hear more than once. Fast forward, I wrote an appreciative comment and sent it. Then, I got a letter back both from someone in the fan club, but then, low and behold – from The Boss himself! So we exchanged a few comments and I asked if it was really him and he affirmed it was. From the pictures I could see was on a channel boat in The Netherlands, and I told I did not want to disturb him and bade my farewells.

Another time I will tell of some other stars I met, but back in 1974. You ALL would know them! However, this is not about me, more about what is out there if we take the opportunity ..and fellas, it usually only comes once..

June 2023