B2BLiST networking done right

20+ years in the business in Latvia Successfully advising our active LiST participants in Latvia! Largest experience on heat pumps in Latvia, 45% of the market,6-7,000 installed. Talk to StefanW in Latvian, English and Swedish! Supporting GOLD Member (Feb 2020-) in their 3rd year!
Profiling for better results!
Interact & perform better as a team Energize your clients and colleagues ! Motivate us all differently! Retain better! SELL better RESULT better - view Revenue improved !
New Premises Caka iela 34
PRIME Recruitment, Svesvalodukursi & B2BLiST share larger circumstances! Meeting by appointment. WELCOME!
B2BLiST Orienteering NETWORKING April 20
B2BLiST XcelsusLV Barbecue May 25
LIQUIDITY Wine tasting May 11
Under Sylvio Abrats we sample 5 wines. After, we share a MATCHED Networking Seating to Dinner EUR 35 incl VAT. payment to invoice
B2BLiST Swedish Crayfish NETWORKING Party
Details to follow
A new feature under B2BLiSTlv focusing on us as people interested in wines.. Some 5 wines to be tasted, details shortly before, Fr Germany, Italy and..Shrimps sandwich served after + shrimps!: WELCOME !

About B2BLiST

The LiST / B2BLiST builds on that we all are sincere, active, participate, invest our time and

effort, and focus on accruing business all of us. The B2BLiST is a forum for business either

working in- and for the local market, cross-border Pan Baltic and other. Sometimes it is I, the

project manager, other times it is a member who comes with business and ideas. The

association operates regardless of season via meetings larger and smaller, day time and

evenings, both topical as well as A-topical. To present and put forward the businesses under

our umbrella, to create opportunity, to connect with business elsewhere to see, us, we the

country grow in business. Put in simple words: ‘’Making Business Happen’’.

The membership levels reflect commitment, with more benefits and services added as we go.

We are not political, just business! For tax- and practical reasons, the business association

runs under PRIME Staffing & Consulting SIA.

As a project manager I need know your goals and time line to achieve, and also receive

updates of anything changing. I will put this forward when I speak to and invite speakers,

participants, sponsors as I meet many people with various agendas, and some things take

longer, others  shorter time to materialize. It’s MATCH-Making! Just the word ‘more clients’ is not the answer,

we need know more exactly. For that reason we shall sit down and discuss your interests and

seal an individual contract between us.

The B2BliST started back in 2007/2008 originally as a way to contravene the effects of the

then crisis, as I noted no one knew what to do. Especially among my foreign clients who

were on foreign soil. It started with small Friday lunch meetings, (and a newsletter), to put

people together in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. It worked well, and we placed people

despite the sad situation! I selflessly, to show good example but also create a productive base,

brought in all my clients,  many others, and also created a job seeker membership- and

-system, to promote promising individuals on a ‘’win-win’’-basis. The result grew as we

went, this was totally new to Latvia and the membership, and so the variety of events,

increased, topping off at 21(!) in a year. This time we aim at 8-10+ events, to start with. We

made a pause in 2013 as times had changed, and the worst was over. I however have seen too

little change and think that so much more need be done, and can be done – but we need do

this ourselves, help one-another, not wait for the silver platter to be offered or the EU to bail

us out – no one is coming for us unless we ourselves put in the work!

The advent and impact of the Corona virus has shown how vulnerable we are and the risk is

we run out of steam, because we lose the clients we have spent months and years to build,

seeing them vanishing before our eyes, just like plans for our entities, our hopes for good careers

and a decent way-of-life, now are being challenged! For this reason, more than ever we

business owners, decision-takers and managers need come together and step it up! Thus, joining The LiST to

meet others like minded, should be your choice!

WELCOME to the B2BLiST /The LiST!

Henrik Mjöman Riga 1994-

Project Manager.



Supporting GOLD Business Member: All as below, but adding an annual write-up/article, interview or your own material edited by LiST in the newsletter cost free(value EUR 200); 1 free speech 15 min (value EUR 100); Five(5) entrance fees (value EUR 40+) cost-free per year & lowest entrance fee where possible; right to invite guests at same cost as own to ONE invoice; 25% discount on speech times and tables at events;  1 roll-up at events for free. Special mentioning in opening speeches; Your investment: EUR 995 ex VAT 21% 

New prices as of Sept 1, 2021.  

SILVER Business Member: As below, adding the right to bring (1) roll-up-poster to events(value EUR 35), free-of-charge/event; 5-10% off recruitment prices & language courses; Two(2) free-entry tickets/annum   membership (value EUR 40+/pc); Reduced entrance fee where possible; and the right to invite guest at same price as own fee, but to ONE invoice; 10-15% discount on speech times longer than 6 minutes, tables- fees; 15% off consultancy fees when  purchasing such; The THOMAS PPA for 325 EUR (value 345 ex VAT21%) ;Special mentioning each event until we become too many. Investment: EUR 455 ex VAT 21% 

New prices taking effect as of Sept 1, 2021. 

STANDARD Business Member: A lapel badge ’LiST’. The right to attend with priority over non-members; Discounted entrance fee where applicable; Newsletter w discounts; You may invite guests at 5 EUR discount/entrant of non-member’s fee (we invoice you, this amount applies uniquely to Standard member and LiST must know identity & purpose). Agreement between LiST and the member, of a % of your personal networking results, at general search for partner-results and or personalized search efforts by LiST, as per individual discussion; 5% off recruitment prices, 10% off language courses in Swedish & English. Annual renewal discount 5%; Later: listing on web site. Investment/year: EUR 335 ex VAT 21% .  

New prices apply from Sept 1, 2021.  

Special membership rules apply, where we meet first, invoiced in advance. Meeting ONE, at cost. Then we decide next step Yes / No. Whereupon we run a special program of 6-10 hours at cost to invoice in advance. It consists of interviews, job descriptions if such are prevalent, THOMAS PPA analysis run, CV-work and cover letter. Special business cards developed based on hitherto results at cost. Coaching also then or as per need, later. All invoiced. Lastly we discuss the next leg, the individual approach as per earlier discussion – in the job seeking part and who does what. Additional hours as per discussion. Here is where You  become Job Seeker Member, a separate investment of EUR 225 ex VAT 21% to invoice. Entrances at reduced rate. Later possibly a listing on site, anonymously. 

For now only applies to local as in Latvian subjects as presence is needed for events’ participation.  

Prices apply as of Spring of 2023. 

OVERSEAS - as seen from Latvia

Partner sourcing, set-ups, organising business meetings with lawyers, accountancy providers, taxation advisers, real estate contacts and banks, can be made

available. Recruitment and profiling; Testing, IQ and Team building; Membership starts upon day of invoicing, confirmed by date of payment and runs for a year, minus one day.

The program is under development and adjustment (Sept 13, 2021-).

Membership entrance fee for the member and spouse, at fees, what applies to the individual event. This, and for any guests at guest price levels, allowed to bring an agreed amount in advance of participants. Member-to-member-discounts. Form filled out / person, to understand your sought needs/ interests. This membership is meant as support from overseas resident, later to be upgraded as per intention. Each level comes with some sharing of the success – as per discussion! We may tailor make as we discuss! Investment: EUR 175 ex VAT 21% .

Member entrance fees apply, and other, as per discussion and attendance. Listing on web site with logo and company name, URL-link. Other, as per discussion. Investment: EUR 325 ex VAT 21% . 

As per the above and additionally 30% off fees for setting up business meetings (ex costs) with partners, other facilitators, and /or V.I.P.’s. Membership entrance fees apply. -Let’s discuss your specific wishes and needs! Booking you with partner hotels as per advise! Also, possible to arrange activities (hunting, golf, horse riding, flying aircraft, spa treatment -Do tell!), city guiding,  other(other states can sometimes be arranged), in different languages. Medical- & Dental Tourism with local facilitators. Potential Investment: EUR 1,865.00 ex VAT 21% (to be set finally with th4e individual upon when we know what shall be delivered).

Our Supporters say

“It’s great that Henrik brings together active, highly motivated business people. These meetings are purposeful and Henrik has an amazing capability to connect people who are mutually interesting to each other. I personally have expanded my partner network and thereby improved the quality of my business, for which I am grateful.”
''I can highly recommend any person, company representative, job seeker etc., to attend The B2BLiST. Here you can meet new, or already developed contacts, enjoy good food and tasty wine, and develop your network in a relaxed atmosphere. -Get some fresh air and have a small break from ordinary work, and create new ideas! It takes time to build a network! Many of us, I believe, including I, also need to learn how to make steps finding new possible customers or service providers, and to maintain this network. You can gain from it in many ways and other participants can also benefit from your participation - a win-win situation''.
As found on the internet
Entrepreneur in Riga
"I have known Henrik almost from when I came to Latvia in 2006. We have often been on business delegations in regional corporate visits with the Finnish ambassador to gain new ideas and broaden our networks, and also at numerous business events with many nationalities. Henrik, also creates very good, and warm-hearted B2B-Dinner meetings that I do recommend! His long experience of business-life and networking in Latvia is without rival. Definitely, turn to Henrik if you need the services he can offer''.
Thank you very much for inviting me to the relaunching of The LiST! The TASTE LiST of February 21 was an outstandingly, well-organised event with an exceptionally well-matched group of people. It was also an event put together with great skill and overseen from start to finish with the same great skill. Very few are able to organise and run such an event, so well, you are one of the few who can! It was a privilege to attend that event and I am very grateful indeed to you for inviting me.
As found on the internet
Commodities Trader


2020 Faced with the Corona virus hysteria, we just managed to run two events, early in the year.

On January 31, a Friday early evening, upon advise we ran an ‘’Italian flavoured evening on Italian food stuffs, Wine and Italy’’ and invited business managers, several with personal experience of Italy, some doing business with Italy. The purpose to learn, get acquainted, see opportunities and be able to interact with those that could know – AND for business in general, in a convivial atmosphere, end-of-week! Local shop-owner for iTiT, Gianluigi Rondano (20+ years in Riga), stood our host, but having had only 9 days to put it together, we felt we were not done and a date all could agree on was Feb 21. Both events filled up, business owners exclusively – as a result we enjoyed great Italian delicacies, wine and meeting new people.

People came from logistics, construction, office services, hospitality, trading, real estate management, consulting, energy, automation, branding, marketing, project management, educational training, and fashion just to mention but some. And from at least half-a-dozen countries…-Needless to say, our excellent host, Gianluigi benefited, and all of us left with smiles – as it should be!  A posteriori! /HenrikM 

P.s. It has been understood his wines (very elegant and tasty, sourced by himself, in Italy) are unique, and his Grappa, in value for money – is exceptional!:). At Kr Valdemara 137-K1, Riga. Gianluigi’s opening hours are week days, number of deliveries decide circa 13:00- 19:00, Saturday’s 13:00-17:00. Gianluigi speaks Latvian, Russian, Italian and English !

P.s.II. Be careful how you park near the shop in-the-parking-lot. The neighboors…are most mischievious