This weekend was one of experimentation in the food sector and it went well but there is
more to learn. I had a chance to ask my previous customer, LasseH about cooking Indonesian
fried rice, and what, and how to do it so the rice stays apart, and does not turn into a porridge.
Proper use of a wok should do it but my stove is not large enough to swallow all pans, let’s
say so everything is a compromise.

Prior-to-that, I on Saturday made a Quiche Lorraine, where I read the proportions wrongly,
and also thought so vieiwing it. It tasted fine but did not have the consistency I want nor that
full taste with a drier shell, and there was too much egg, too little water for the crust and too
little butter for it to keep together when forming it. I then met Stefan yesterday and could
compare notes and saw my error with the milk for the covering part. He also showed me
where he got his recipes from where you scroll down and take a pick !

-Then, last night it was time to test my Jansons’s Temptation – that went really well although I
had onion at home I substitued that for some roasted, dried I had, and that worked but nothing
is like the real McCoy., of course!:). Delicious, and builds my confidence, this recipe was
taken from Rutiga Kokboken, the 2000-edition (have also 1982), which I bought 2nd hand at
a book store in Simrishamn, in June. Need one in the office, rather than dragging back and

I also discussed at length with my mother yesterday about the Quiche, and that, and looking
at various recipes yields a variety of information. No pictures this time, just this feedback.
But , it shows before we run events and after there is preparation to do!
Have a good work week!

Henrik, Teika, 2023-09-25