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What is The LiST? Why Join?

The LiST / B2BLiST builds on that we all are sincere, active, participate, invest our time and

effort, and focus on accruing business all of us. The B2BLiST is a forum for business either

working in- and to the local market, cross-border Pan Baltic and other. Sometimes it is I, the

project manager, other times it is a member who comes with business and ideas. The

association operates regardless of season via meetings larger and smaller, day time and

evenings, both topical as well as A-topical. To present and put forward the businesses under

our umbrella, to create opportunity, to connect with business elsewhere to see, us, we the

country grow in business. Put in simple words: ‘’Making Business Happen’’.

The membership levels reflect commitment, with more benefits and services added as we go.

We are not political, just business! For tax- and practical reasons, the business association

runs under PRIME Staffing & Consulting SIA, Riga, LATVIA.

As a project manager I need know your goals and time line to build all so we can achieve, and also receive

updates of anything changing. I will put this forward when I speak to, and invite speakers,

participants, sponsors as I meet many people with various agendas, and some things take

longer, others  shorter time to materialize. It’s MATCH-Making! Just the words ‘we need more clients’ is not the answer,

we need know more exactly. For that reason we shall sit down and discuss your interests and

seal an individual contract between us.

The B2BliST started back in 2007/2008 originally as a way to contravene the effects of the

then crisis, as I noted no one knew what to do. Especially among my foreign clients who

were on foreign soil. It started with small Friday lunch meetings, (and a newsletter), to put

people together in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. It worked well, and we placed people

despite the sad situation! I selflessly, to show good example but also create a productive base,

brought in all my clients,  many others, and also created a job seeker membership- and

-system, to promote promising individuals on a ‘’win-win’’-basis. The result grew as we

went, this was totally new to Latvia and the membership, and so the variety of events,

increased, topping off at 21(!) one year. This time we aim at 9-12+ events per annum, eventually to GOLD/Silver level, special topical meetings .  

In 2013 as times had changed, and the worst was over, we paused. However,  too little change is seen, and we think that so much more need be done, and can be done – but we need do this ourselves, help one-another, not wait for the silver platter to be offered or the EU to bail us out!

– No one is coming for us unless we ourselves put in the work! The war in the Ukraine has shown our vulnerability and dependability. The colossal impact of the Corona virus  and the risk is too much money printing, instead of harnessing spending,  thus back to basics, trust our own clever minds we need less trust in appointed officials, but rely on ourselves – the entrepreneur! The trail blazer!

Building forward, maintaining our efforts made over years, with our hard-earned client-making-efforts, loyalty & helping is the way forward!

This will yield a better financial out come and with that better careers and ultimately prosperity1

 For this reason, more than ever we business owners, decision-takers and managers need come together and step it up! Thus, joining The LiST to

meet others like-minded, should be your choice!

WELCOME to the B2BLiST /  The LiST!

Henrik Mjöman

Project Manager, Riga June 2022

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