So, The B2BLiSTlv project manager was out networking on Tuesday, August 22 with the Norwegian
Chamber of Commerce and the Finnish equivalent. The event held in a restaurant called BURZMA,
turned out a very nice experience and also the first time I in more than 15 years set foot in the building!!

My purpose having paid membership is as usual to try to pick up new clients and contacts for LiST
actives, to see if anything there for me, any new information I can harvest and see who is doing what.

As it happened, I was member in the NCCL (Norwegian Chamber) from some 2013 until about 2020 in the Spring under worst COVID times so I know the faces. The Chairman and I met already 25 years ago, and we are fortunate to have him as he is business focused, has an American-European look at business and also, frankly has humor and can joke with you! It livens these occasions up, and refreshes the air.

Other than that the Chamber seemed void of any Norwegians which really is sad, which are the ones I come for as we share same view on people, attitudes and also sense when there is trouble, what can be done. Scandinavian also build forward and invest in staff training and sharing the wealth, locals sadly hold back and keep information to themselves and do not seem to want to see their peers grow, thus organizations risk becoming stagnant, but also talent leave to more dynamic organizations. You can just imagine if you are an accountant working for a company and in order to keep abreast of changes in tax legislation you have to pay of your own taxed salary, and the employer doesn’t raise a finger in support! Such issues is what PRIME Recruitment deals with and the staff that come to us when they grow tired of the system! 🙁

Other – the great real estate company CBRE supported the event so we all had a free cocktail upon arriving and the bar staff was so knowledgeable I could have remained their sampling the beautiful drinks, had it not been I was there to work. So, I got on with it spoke to people tried to open up to business for my church-goers and possibly I did! Running a development bod like B2BLiST forces you to be on your toes at all times and last night was no different! When the draws for business cards had been done and prizes delivered, calling it a day, I made my last attempt to a table full of bankers and a ships production company and frankly asked if I could barge in? Now, I am connect with two possibly three and I look forward to more interaction with them ! – Again, it has been proven that if you stay at home, you only get to read one chapter of the book…but I thrive with people and Making Business Happen is me!

I met with nine(9) people…including the charming, o=ut-going, business oriented chairman from America! 🙂
-Way to go!

I thank BOTH organisations for putting together such a charming event – pity the time wasn’t double, and I less shy!

Henrik Mjoman Riga 22,08,2023