I thought I should add a little something of what it takes to succeed on The LiST – and one word that comes to mind is TENACITY – as keeping at it, trying to be at as many events as possible, and although you might succeed the first time, there might be more around the corner! -You see, things take time, and people also have to warm to you! 🙂

One of the best ways one coming the first time is what I myself have practiced in the past – presenting my company. You see you can only ONCE make a first impression, but what I have noticed is people take note and come back to what you said even much later, or in the discussions – AFTER. In any case it provides novelty and everyone knows you as we never are able to cover all when we network, this allows for people to think. As a member you have better prices for speaking 5, 10 and 15 minutes and may buy even extra time should you need, but at 15 minutes you will make a SPLASH, and that’s what I call it! A SPLASH.

Now you need business cards and an agenda for each time – so it should be a bit of a plan what to say – so make a list, maybe even scribble it on your arm so you remember what to say, and have 2-3 different topics – maybe you even have an immediate need? Tell, because we can’t guest! Business cards some say are leaving us for the smart phone version – well, it seldom works that way and to save on business cards is not wise. Cards last for years and are and will be looked at many times! The human brain needs see, and take in about three(3) times to register – and do you think you will check for that in the smart phone? I wouldn’t gamble away an opportunity – and networking builds on sharing, studying up what that cards say. Personally, I scribble a not about the person, time and place and topic of conversation and if SHE was blond… Having given out about 42,000 cards and received some 26,000 and making sure my card is different – I have been told I am Mr Yellow Card Latvia – and as proof it works my customers re-connect with me 15+ years from last time so I think it is a great marketing solution and frankly Dead Cheap!

There is more to networking than just this, in fact I could and may well write a book about it.. but this is a starter…