The LiST Concept – what is expected of You?

ACTIVITY, PRESENCE at many events, that You speak, present and BRING in new people/Business !

That you TELL people about us, and when member you wear the button so people ask ’’What is that” ?

But the main idea, which also is the slogan of encouragement, is: ‘’To Make Business Happen’’ and with effort you can speed up the process by being there and ‘’catch it in the air’’ before your competition!

The base is NETWORKING – that people who maybe otherwise would not meet, can do so, find common ground and proceed to business. This is an item of establishing TRUST – and the brain in us wants it easy, and by feeling you have similarities in common – you feel at ease. Our Work shop Master Mind is here to help you develop your skills via practice. Listening, seeing how, and what others – do.

The way to a successful LiST event comes with a Membership fee and the level you choose to get most attention, the entrance fee and SHARING the result as per agreement with LiST The clearer this is and what has been discussed between LiST and YOU, often determines the speed in how this happens – AGAIN – T R U S T. Be early to events when the first beers are served that gives you more time with everyone. Book a meeting with them for the next few days THERE & Then – wait, and it may never happen! Don’t speak to friends first – go for business first! Speak to the person who is standing alone! Don’t forget ANYONE in the room can be right for you – but you need activate – the business card is the ice breaker, not the picture you take with your phone – no, it only is the ‘’business insulater’’. Once photographed – always forgotten! A card needs three(3) viewings to be remembered, same is if you present, they see you several times – speak every quarter even if just for 5 minutes, members pay less! Another reason to be member! Business cards are like manure and it needs be dished out. It is also the conversation opener – just like coffee is the first when you meet – You always say yes, having it or not!

Imagine getting one small deal, or like Stefan Westbergs says: ‘’Henrik, if I just sell one heat pump I am home free’’. He has. But he also buys from others on The LiST – in support of LiST. Stefan is our Supporting GOLD member and an excellent chef at our events, He too needs tip-offs!

Being at the event and having informed LiST what is on your mind, plans old, new and changing are key. Henrik’s job is not to be responsible for your success – no, it is to bring in more people, new people and those that are – and your job is to want that something happens, and be assisted in the process – namely also bringing in people, having an agenda, speaking at events, your wanting to be seen – and YES, having results! Results are different to measure – a new contact, a lead, market information, someone noticing you and that you move in the right circles and circumstances and it can also be about telling the market you exist now, for later and also for a job! Real, or created by and on the LiST.

Henrik can do more, and that is why the membership levels exist and he can support us all, but the entrance fee does not pay for his networking, emailing, phoning around using imagination, connecting and trying to get people in, more or less willing . Think about that. It covers the food, the drink maybe some minor office cost and the lottery – not really. But by your wanting to be seen, speaking, supporting maybe sponsoring the food, the wine, anything but best bringing in BUSINESS, more people and LiST rewards!

If you have a standard level it is also support but to get more – so that Henrik can go out networking (costs on average now Sept 2023 75 EUR at events that count) the ideal member helps to cover LiST participation – elsewhere. There are also annual fees of 3/400 EUR or more from that same entrance fee we spoke of that should cover everything! There can be 4-6 per week, and times 4 weeks to a month, the digits run into their hundreds. Thus, being a member, smaller or larger matters, You HELP – but to de-velop more we need Supporting GOLD that can act a bank, cook give when needed! And in return LiST and Henrik can work better. Our aim 365 companies as many days as in a year!

So to succeed – be prepared, have your story of what you wish to achieve, communicate changes to your target, tell what is new, have 20 business cards with you, sponsor an event or parts of it, but make sure people know you and show presence, as in at least 8-10 times per year so people do not forget you! Ideally speak, and present a couple of times per year and by being at least a SILVER member you also can display your business roll-ups to every event LiST prepares members with coaching letters to events!

Now here’s the best – if you bring businessyou will be rewarded – in 2023 we have upgraded a number of people but also made one person Ambassador of The LiST, Sarmite Teibe, Amber Work. She has brought in a Supporting Gold member her first few months, encouraged others to come with, business tip-offs, introduced us a very food accountant, helped with Latvian in contracts and how to reply – that saves hundreds of euros! Stefan Westberg brought in another GOLD member, a number have sponsored the wine, or the lottery gifts or a supplier gave us better prices. Some have spoken and presented! PRIME Recruitment will reward Recruitment, Consulting, B2BLiST a good candidate placed, and other -maybe you can give out work too? Maybe you can take on a role, or bring in paying speakers?

LiST has developed results – some publicized on a blog here. Historically these have been Construction projects more than once in volving Latvian Railway, Rigas School of Law, refurbishment, consultancy, solar panel installation, heat pumps sales & support.

There will also be, and already is business elsewhere that wants business with you. HERE or to, and from! Members are prioritized, of course! Talk to Henrik about it!

We will engage on Zoom again with specific topics and with Master Mind to build new business


Henrik Mjöman Riga August 30, 2023-