A costly phenomenon in local society -costing us more than a leg and an arm…

…is that of judging others based on one’s own limitation. Being a sales person is being something of an artist to get it right and yet we are often frowned upon by the other 80% of Society as our being not serious, or overly communicative…but at the end of the day – few CEO’s are sales persons, they are coordinators wisely put there to assist and HELP their subordinates achieve better and to be on hand if a tricky matter arises… but sadly away from that very normal notion is the locally sad need to control what a free spirit can achieve..I am talking about the right to want to develop on the job – the sales, the actions taken and one’s professionalism – I am talking about NETWORKING.

You see it seems that if it is not measurable in dollars and cents or euros and eurocents it is a waste! But who says so? Well those that can’t! Whether it is down to envy, or the feeling of oneself not being able to~, or that professional people cannot judge for themselves what happens daily in their immediate world, and fairly evaluate effort put IN for revenue come OUT, remains a mystery! The effect is however that society loses out!

’Networking. Business. Opportunity. Sales. Thinking long term. Time saved. Unfairly judged..
Pettiness. Fear. Envy. No reward. Demotivation collecting speed among the collective – meaning staff leaving…

-Instead of creativity we have passivity. Instead of joy, and love for one’s job we have a stable’s void of horses and empty holes place gaping back at us. I s that how it should be? Will AI be the solution?

I some time ago interviewed an elite sales person telling me how the attitude had changed since the new person came on board from what it had been. My previous boss, the man said had told him:

‘’Peteris, I am all for that you take the potential client out to dinner and that you use your judgement of course, and doing so, just make sure you get that client! And – continuing, ‘’whether you spend a hundred or two, is besides’ the point’’! Our Man supposedly went out and got the client. – Today, he is not allowed to because he is considered a child, and as such must be closely monitored. This is an executive sales person we are talking about in a mature company where such supervision has turned staff motivation down and with that any effort to make that extra move for the company, in ‘’after hours’’, that could ‘’make the difference’’. The young CEO of course, being of another kind of mentality can proudly scribble down ’’money saved – again’’. Recognise, this? Well, as it is very spread here it is what brings not only a company down demotivating its most adept managers, it has in it enough to bring down a country… and frankly, I think it is doing exactly that….

Fast forward, in my role providing networking opportunities and myself out there networking I fast scan the room and pick out those most capable including what they have to offer. I then add them to our event and let them meet others looking for someone to buy from and I inform whom should meet whom. With a bit of luck you can close the deal or make that meeting in the next few days, that otherwise could take weeks and months to realize, if every at all! Time saved, deal clinched what more is there? And that for a small entrance fee, a membership and a tip-off saving you a lot energy!

So, reward your spotter, instead of under-cutting his her best efforts! Admit the person had imagination where you did not!! You see, most staff having reached that level are grown-up and can judge for themselves, and know proportions! If you keep on going like this, you might well soon be running the confessor’s box in church a late Friday night! 🙂