In our societies we tend to think in numbers. Are there enough people there, why so few are questions always looming from those who think they know better + but, they don’t and that is refreshening to know but sometime there is that feeling David and Goliath!

Back in university I read a book with this title when I took Business English and it referred to live
business situations where we tend to look at all things BIG being the solution. They are not, it is a ruse!

We are often told, or were, that many employees work in large companies and for that reason they are important. The fact of the matter is that everything starts somewhere, and it is more about someone’s tenacity to see an idea through to fruition than money in the bank, that makes it or breaks it – and so is the case with entrepreneurialism. Statistics say that more people work in smaller companies than in large and again that these are the bread and butter of any vibrant economy, and if we see what is happening to Latvia, when Government becomes too powerful they restrict and stop, lie during COVID and you end up with the gaping holes of shop windows as they were considered unsafe. The result of course is of course less choice as these smaller livelihoods people have built with hard effort during decades cannot keep up, and have to fold. The result is inflation as this competition now is gone!

-Another angle-

-Take the events I run ‘’only 8 people in the room’’ – yes, but who is there? If you count how many
people work in a Recruitment company average is 1-2 people , 3-5 is already considered – Yes – BIG. There is something to be said for the classic expression ‘’Two’s company, three’s a crowd’’! Every heard that one?

When you are few – chances are good you have fair chance to speak to everyone, get to know them more and you can keep up with them. When you meet again – it is like meeting an old friend and the conversation flows. It is in the smallest of situations I have struck it big! Having too many in the room you do not have a enough time t share with everyone. Was once told by some idiot that it is not serious to give out more than a few business cards. Well, that must come from an expert networker – who says what is enough if the first 10 all are wrong?

Two days ago in one networking I spoke to X wrong and ONE RIGHT and we agreed I would write and he respond, and what I did made sense, he said. –Conversation had – 3 minutes. He will come to my events because it is not the quantity – but the quality that matters – it is what they get out of it, how you take up on it, and what happens over a longer period of time! A person came to my profile on LinkedIN and saw I was active – I check ever hour and quickly called him up – we hit it off in minutes and now we are talking business – or as I put it – I have 42,000+ business cards out there, there is a slight chance I have met someone…that can help you..even if I am the only one you see!:). Maybe knowing this is why we call our work shop ‘’Master Minds’’ – namely the brightest minds around us are not in the office – but out there in the world, and to get access to them we must invite them in, and listen to what they perceive! 🙂