On June 28, this year, Aigars Zviedris signed on with www.Blueshockrace.com for a third year with
B2BLiST as a STANDARD member and LiST will try its best to support including with the current effort to find more financing to expand production and sponsors to the Racing unit.

We are very glad to have Aigars on board with his huge experience stemming from the Gaming industry (Optibet), Real estate – Darta RE and Racing industry – producing, and racing the BSR electric Go carts!

-This also includes the Long storage batteries at the factory in Liepaja, which LiST project manager Hen rik Mjöman visited in October last year! The BSR Team also have made its mark racing the Porsche and the Legend cars.
Valters Zviedris is an instructor driver at the former as of this summer and the support for the team from Porsche is clearly seen and felt! Our LiST member Aigars is always present on the racing circuit, supervising coaching his son and team members as they race all over the Baltics, Finland, Sweden, France, Italy and Monaco through his hard-working son Valters that has really come to his own this season 2023 and the past! WE cheer them on!

More about the investment opportunity you find here: https://blueshockrace.com/bsr-investment-
and about the racing pilot Valters Zviedris – here: https://valterszviedris.com/