When using the THOMAS profiling it is in combination with doing your homework first – namely a proper CV at hand, possibly a cover letter, certainly a job description and combined with a first round interview – you should be all set. The THOMAS is a complement, taking just a few minutes to fill out and a feedback of some 90+ minutes. This will yield you information if it is sales person what kind of sales fits him or her, if the person can conclude deals, likes to deliver results and ability to maintain. When I visit clients there are certain signs to consider and I use these to conclude the best deal… SALES.

If you are looking to see who each person in your team, you will see how they fit or don’t and then you can work on strengthening it, adding or changing the composition. All of us are different. Some can handle catastrophes better, others facts & figures, some are better organisers and others yet handle people better.

We are all motivated differently – not all is money but basic needs must be met! And all of us, in fact none of us have all features – and it is important to know before employing what you have, need and what is at hand. Combining the picture from the analysis run, which you always fill out in Your mother tongue WITH the interview, You are set for success! Being different is a strength, and the ideal team is a combination of all factors! By working with us, together, we can make that blueprint of a person so we get it right from start, and avoid the wrong person in the wrong position, and unnecessary surprises that cost your company. Coming to PRIME Recruitment, many have said I, Henrik, changed their lives. It certainly changed mine and I matured faster and my sales tripled!