Andris Zvejnieks, Expert in Communication and Leadership, based in Stockholm and Riga.

His company Communicate4result SIA is a Supporting Gold Member.

”Long term business relationships are more profitable. New business opportunities are harder to find. New opportunities take more time to transform into business deals if you don’t know the other party and they don’t know you. B2BList is about building valuable business relations and that is why the network is worth the investment in time and money. 

Here are my three main reasons for being a supporting member of B2Blist:

1. Henrik Mjoman´s never-ending effort to help business happen, by matching persons in the B2BList who might have common interests and corresponding needs and offers. 

2. The opportunity to meet business leaders in Riga, with a spectrum of knowledge and experience, and personal networks that are helpful if they themselves can’t help in a specific matter.

3. A Latvian business perspective that helps me evaluate business opportunities.

A fourth reason might be the chance we all have to brush up our English, as that is the language we normally use at the events :-).

B2BList greatest benefit is that everybody on the List is interested in getting to know other business people, sharing experience, learn and identify possibilities for co-operation.That interest is the optimal fertiliser for trustful business relations.

If you are very lucky you leave a B2BList meeting with a business deal to be closed in a follow-up meeting. 

More probably, you leave meetings with several new business relations and new perspectives that help you understand how to develop your own business or tasks. 

i find it meaningful to have a somewhat longer perspective, as this trust-building will help us be prosperous, not only once but a long row of years ahead.”