When Ricards Rozins presented his META to us present at B2BLiST on August 3, he brought up a few ideas he wished to show how they mean when Going AGAINST The Grain, which the headline was.

It refers to advertising against the norm, the standard and opposite to the usual, in an attempt to draw in new reactions. One example was about Starbuck’s greeting to a client coming in asking for one thing, but instead of receiving an answer that, is offered something totally different, and as result, unprepared changes the order and buys this new offer. In legal terms in SwEnglish we refer to in behaviour as an unclean accept, namely offered one thing that answering totally differently. Frankly speaking I see it as the old trick of widening the product base to retain the client by offering new tastes before someone else does, thus retaining the client! 🙂

-Apparently sales soared and a new paradigm had been established!

Another example, was that peoples’ way to making a choice was not for example the price, instead it was that it was something new standing out from the ordinary – so the lesson to learn even if you are an unknown or little known – Your day may well still come – but you have to have the determination, the will-power to stick with it, and believe! A third example was about showing a number of video films in one page and then one where NOTHING is moving! By contrast, THAT is what the eye catches, and there, there is where to advertise at!:). Equally important is to have the guts to try – I remember when coming to Riga to set up my business in Recruitment in 1997.

Back then, there were only 3-5 agencies existing and recruitment in its infancy – I was told two stories: 1/ ‘’Don’t start, someone is already doing it’’. 2/ ‘’Don’t start no one is doing it!’’ I saw how terribly people were handled, and did the opposite and it worked – but I had a great design team in Anja Coppieters fr Belgium fluent in Latvian & Oleg Temple, British -Russian, and they have always had the solution and made us at PRIME Recruitment stand out as NO ONE even tried to – and my Recruitment clients benefitted!

Ricards, finally also mentioned three(3) key factors important to break-through, namely, it has to be:
1/ Entertaining 2/ Digestible 3/Relatable .
There was more but I think you got the message!
B2BLiST thanks Ricards Rozins for showing us Your ‘’tricks’’ and educating us!

Henrik Mjoman August 5, 2023