With Master Minds off to a third round – things changed!

-Not only was there a new facilitator in Henrik Mjöman, much of the workshop went in Latvian ! The reason being if we wish a wider audience we need broaden the base, and I had asked two people in who both know Englis, but it was easier for them to express their thoughts and come with solutions+- in Latvian. Said and done, decision taken it went like a dance, although of course Henrik could not entirely follow, but it was not the point – the solutions, suggests, thoughts ideas came – AND the level of discussion hit a new ceiling and went through! Three persons took to the chair Jorgen Nelleman from AgriPRO working for SKIOLD worldwide with as far away countries as South Africa, Mexico a couple in Europe apart from the Baltic states and one or two in Asia. -Talk about diversity!

-Without going into detail, he came away with seven(7) pieces of feedback to management issues and said he could use them straight away! Interesting for you as Reader might be to know that his product field is farming equipment, post harvesting, and although one person in the room additionally had worked with the mechanics of equipment, apart form my picking potatoes behind a tractor a the age of four(4), that was close to his area we got! Also, one of his issues was priorities and time keeping and solid feedback came back – I added something my father did sorting newspaper articles what not to keep or to keep longer – diving such into a week, a month and 6 months, moving over from one box to another and then trashing what had become redundant by time! Thank you, Ingemar Mjöman for your wisdom giving me an example I know works! 🙂

Another person speaking was one of the two ladies present, this time Dace Kavasa. Drawing upon her very diverse areas of knowledge, locally and internationally, in Consultancy and Human Rights issues being one – we covered aspects of Management and how to communicate with one’s peers. The discussion was rife, our analyst, in-coming Ph D in Economics’ graduate to be, Zaiga Ozolina had appropriate suggestions, and all were taken on board.

We noticed great insights were in place there, and I was so proud to see that all of us can share to
alleviate both the discussion level but also find very human approaches to add even the smallest items to swing opinions, let’s say, for the larger changes to take up speed. Well done All!

Our third person taking to the Hot Seat chair was Danis Rasa. Being a very accomplished team leader in mechanical repairs on heavies and usually travelling all over Europe once there is a break-down needing emergency attention by the road side, this enterprising individual knows how to handle a crisis – and that was seen in the speed of how he attacked issues. Both when suggesting solutions to human behaviour, and when he took to the chair. Here sadly Henrik’s mind was lost for words for the language – talk-a-bout ’’Lost in translation’’ but never mind, the others filled out where he blanked.

I did not take enough notes on how many pieces of feedback came through but I head first two which later became 7 and another person having gotten four – and two of these were I heard for immediate use.

Concluding this round, short version, is that we add either we are in the chair or not and for certain there issues we can come back later and take a new view of! All thought are valuable and that we saw when we crowned the Winning Team for how to use a knife – as a screwdriver, to pick nails, back-stabbing ….luckily for them the Police was not present or we have Rocked the Jailhouse!!:) Jorgen, Dace & Dainis!!:))