Learning a language does not have to be boring and the results may come faster. Too!

Learning a language may happen in so many ways – but the more we can use the person’s previous knowledge, experience and hobbies the faster it goes. Late in the autumn of 2022, a Russian-speaking person called me – it came from Sweden. It turned out the man was working in the Stockholm archipelago of the island of Utö, and wanted to make a mark! He wanted
to stay on because he had started liking our people, and how he was being onboarded. He felt he could do more, make better PR for the food, if he could only learn some crucial Swedish words! -It was music to my ears, and we agreed when next in Riga we would meet up! And we did?? .

He was a chef – I know the island is very isolated and those going there sail their boats or motor launches, but what I did not know they had a good restaurant. Now, here comes – I am a foodie, I watch a lot of international programs for inspiration, I know something about wines – so I told the man, ‘’we can teach you from the base and up’’, and even from the kitchen our delicacies, how to match so you soon can bring this course into practice doing what you are good at – he loved the idea. We met and we spoke when he was here taking care of his dental issues, so I suggested a coffee and showed him the book that I personally sourced exactly made for beginners!

You see there are many books out there but some are not very pedagogic, they go too fast ahead and they are page up and down but no fun too technical – in essence- Over-killing!:). It is important to mix speaking learning words, knowing situations that might happen and frankly we must put our feet in their shoes so we get it right… He bought the book with pictures and essential words so he also could study once getting a hang of it, but also try out alone, and then we could adjust as time would go. Chefs work different shifts – I do not care because when we work together it is fun and why not start from the kitchen by telling people what food we have , names, contents and combining Swedish, English and Latvian and perhaps German or French – because the Kitchen has a lot to do with French! So, why be boring! Play music, sing….with a little effort and imagination learning a language is like learning to dance, let’s Rock!

So face-to-face, at a distance individually, in groups but find out what it is needed for and teach about the place they are going to – or let the person find out and then present. In my case I also know people they could connect with ..on site or I might even have a job for them? Job interviews, conversational, presentations – what do you need, when?:)

Henrik July 27, 2023