1a/ We have an offer to organise the establishment of a Mozarella factory to be located anywhere
Investment level circa EUR 58,000
In this amount is know-how and machinery
Project via Italian owner of project.
1b/ Via same contact also a Vegan Ice Cream factory
Investment level circa EUR 1,000,000 .

For details to both: Please speak to Henrik Mjoman B2BLiST / PRIME Staffing & Consulting

3a/ Looking for a producer of children’s furniture with CnC capacity – design is ready but producer we do not have including the sales channels to market. Producer need be supportive! Inventor present in Riga, Latvia
3b/ A dog pooh collector which can be fastened in belt with jaws picking up the you-know-what with soiling your fingers and hands; Inventor present in Riga, Latvia.
Speak for both to Henrik Mjoman

4a/ Recycling plastic waste to petrol and diesel. Ownership of project available in Sweden, Investment can go from small and up over time and be set up anywhere at low cost. Become the village hero!
4b/ Recycling water to be re-used at farms, but at higher cost also to drinking-level quality!
Speak to Henrik Mjoman regarding both projects

5/ Funding seeking users! Normal paper trail needed as if you were going to the bank. Privately
organized – possibly buying a hotel in the Baltics, real estate purchasing projects
Speak to Henrik Mjoman

6/ Public offering of shares in Production company, Latvia. Minimum investment EUR 200 .