As far as I remember, and certainly from my early university days in Uppsala, early
1980’s, I have attended and organized CrayFish’ parties. During those student years we
were a happy bunch, looking forward to seeing each other after summer, and enjoying
being outside in the sun set, seeing the stars light up around us and imbibing a bit too
much, as well! And what is wrong with that? Tose of us who attend are FOREVER

Today, we are much calmer, more of friendly communication, trying to find who could
become one’s new customer or taking care of previous contacts. In Latvia where I have
lived for the past 29 or so years, it marks the end of summer but a joyous end, offering
new opportunities as business picks up! Many a time have I met new companies looking
to expand in Latvia and asides the Christmas party with the Chamber of Commerce –
these are those that draw in foreign investors.. The local companies do not seem to see
this opportunity but the again the tradition is our’s not theirs…However, OPPORTUNITY
is like what ‘my favourite poet Oscar Wilde once wrote: ‘’Beauty is in the Eye of the

How does Sweden celebrate Cray crayfish?
Guests typically wear hats and bibs (yes, bibs!) and sing drinking songs such as “Helan
Går.” Decorations like paper lanterns and paper crayfish adorn tables, and there are
candles and string lights for when the party inevitably flows into the night.
-Thus, you can expect to be asked to sing with us and maybe pull off singing a Latvian
song? Supporting GOLD Member Stefan Westberg is a Tenor, , and I,
Henrik, a baryton I think in hindsight you will have to pay us NOT TO

How we make our preparations? Well, that is a secret but it involves Latvian beer
(BRALIS) and imagination – and yes, DILL …and a good soaking !