Power drink – Nutritionally friendly – has it all

A few years back I was watching the British chef Jamie Oliver when he showed what he was drinking throughout the program, and the recipe came up. Later, I looked through the internet
to see I had all the right ingredients, and this is what they are: 2-3 oranges depending on the
size of the vessel you will keep it in, 1 lemon, some spoon/s of Turmeric, a few dashes of
Cinnamon, Ginger cuttings, or dried, shaved peels of it, so no need throw anything away –
and hot boiling water poured over all!

Literally, it is a vitamin bomb! Good, when you have colds – and yes, you may add honey –
as per your taste, but I avoid sweetening things at times – so I leave it up to you !

Henrik’s food tip July 15!