When we ran B2BLiST previously we accrued a bunch of results of all kinds and sizes – I wish LiST you a few, as all were not communicated us:

One of the first was attracting many more clients for Dental Estetika / Latvia Dental – Dental Tourism, both with the locals and foreigners residing in Latvia. Some 60-150 were tangible;

Sub-contracting facades’ work for a member in Construction to yet another for a prestigious educational facility;

One of Forbes 500 largest in the world, an automation’s organisation, won a project to refurbish part of the Latvian railways system’s signals’ system. Value 68 MEUR. This was outsourced for Project management to a local company w foreign ownership. Another part was a hazardous waste and recycling of Copper wire amidst world prices rocketing during the process. Further – the sub-contracting of services in Recruitment;

Printed items – as in book projects, their printing and subsequent publishing for the Swedish market;

Logistics – one member assisted another to fill up an empty, colossal warehouse facility for use as an IT-hub, which yielded its total utilization, staff employment, rent and revenue, instead of cost;

An international bank utilized empty state-of-the-art, real estate space in Riga to set up a back-up function in case of an emergency, or power failure, rendering both members revenue or a solution;

New customers in HoReCa & Hospitality to our member-facilitators;

Unannounced job openings created in the crisis and positions filled;

Spreading awareness in the local market;

FAST FORWARD – COVID -19 Connecting several companies together for securing face masks and other equipment needed, putting wine & food merchants on the map to-be-found; Connecting in Construction both for partner search/sales as well exports; Connecting for Interior work; Catering assignments; THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING !!!:)