After once having had to postpone the date for our classic event, now delivered for a third time in LiST history, this time we could see it off on Thursday September 7! -Having had help by my most focused Supporting GOLD members DivineLv & Communicate4result to buy needed accessories to do up our premises (napkins, hats, candles, blinking red crayfish lights and coasters) all was set!

The guests arrived timely – with wife Baiba Rijniece-Zviedre this time, Aigars Zviedris, STANDARD
Business Member, recently signed on for a third year, arrived enthusiastically!
-Romars Kazarenoks, individual participant was a new face this year. Coming from fr Rigas 1 st Medical School to his second LiST appearance and 2 nd in the past week as he too was actively present to our Master Minds’ on Monday Sept 4, he brought good energy to the table. -Further, one of longest time active, Vents Druva, ‘’Building solutions’’ already from back in 2009 was present, so was Stefan Westberg Supporting GOLD, DivineLV who Master Minded the ‘’soak’’ of the CrayFish to make them taste so much better which they also did! Slightly, under the weather he pulled himself staunchly together to be part. too. Juris Fridmanis, JFinance – project mgr for the construction of the Ring-road Kekava – Riga/CFO-for-Rent, also making his second appearance that week – MasterMind being his first likes the tradition from years working with Scandinavian companies. These were some of the most prominent making us 10-12 present.

The conversation as about ABBA and how the torture of a neighboor’s habits to play ‘’Money, Money, Money’’ upon her coming home late nights from work, had kept poor Aigars very aware of them in his early years. ABBA in this region is much bigger than they ever were at home, which only goes to show how difficult it is to be appreciated on one’s home turf which also lends truth to the Swedish saying that ‘’if to become a legend at home, you have to be one abroad’’. It also says something for Swedish mentality, and ABBA were ahead of all in those days – after all we are a small country, so if you stick out you will be seen. Once ABBA succeeded it was like uncorking a bottle and several Swedish groups followed suite!

The crayfish were very small, we all thought they must have been predatorially fished and this may one day lead to them becoming extinct, which serves no purpose, better throw them back and let them grow a few more years – as it was now they took forever to clean and satisfaction was short! The beer our divine BRALIS came straight from the brewery and was much enjoyed. Stefan had had problems the night before to source a decent vodka as Rimi had had a sale of 40% or more, thus no Moskovskaya (yes, made in Latvia), but a Ukrainian unknown. Thus, the great toast we had came by the words, while filling up our glasses, of ‘’Who wants to Support the Ukraine’’, which I thought was very amusing. Well put Juris Fridmanis and I think all of us celebrated the fact – I am long a fan of Ukrainian vodka and this made it even better!

We ended early around ten, after all a work day next day, too and both our racing team, our road layer and or heat pump installer faced long hours and Mr Mjoman this time too had got a cold and needed healing. Anyway, a nice but quite little evening, Thanks to all that were present and to those that couldn’t be! 🙂

Henrik Mjöman Caka 34