The second MasterMinds was no less successful than the first and created appetite for more as the evening ended. Not only because the ideas kept coming as we approached 21:00, where again no one wanted to leave, but with wives expecting their man home, we managed one more person in the Hot Seat and ideas poured out from all present – we were 9 present with one absentee. Dinner this time was made by Henrik Mjöman who had made a Lasagna to quieten the stomachs upon arrival, coupled with an Italian red wine from Sylvio Abrats – Casere Cabernet Sauvignon but also traded by Henrik ! Viewing the speed of how fast the food went down by those seated, apart from slightly under salted, it seemed a delight! Dinner had, 25 minutes later we started with smaller assignments with spoons and also finding out what we had in common, scoring everything from 17 – 24, how about that building trust!?

New to the scene, and first out on M M, was Alehandro (Alex) Blumentals, I Henrik met some 15 ears ago and came across via facebook, noticing he had a fantastic new product – providing flavoured water with nutritious content, as in vitamins! I think this is ingenious and something every office should think about as it creates better concentration work, just like better air does and most likely awareness of what we at and drink, but also how this could help improve our health! -Anyway, Alehandro received 16 pieces of feedback on how to communicate with future clients to gain their trust and acceptance! 🙂

Janis Ozolins from the Construction sector as per IT installations in new building, had a new business idea in mind that involved his turning himself into a businessman! As development in private housing, residential progress new types of services are needed, as does the approach to the individual in his her capacity of owner. Janis caught 14 suggestions from the surrounding audience in very short time!

Coming then down to our third man was Juris Fridmanis, JFinance who was venturing into future
business for his wife as per her passion and what she likes to do as a base for future work. Many years taking care of the children and not wanting to return to her previous occupation opens up to new ideas at her own pace. Juris collected 16 ideas to bring this forward, completing the second MasterMind a great success where all were involved either as recipient or ideas’ giver – where giving also creates a good fee-ling inside, and in that a flow of ideas and solutions like veritable river! Such ended the eveningof August 7 and now we will think what to do next!

Henrik Mjoman Aug 7, 2023