Many years ago I heard of an Estonian-and Baltic delegation coming to Stockholm. The year was 1996. I was home from Latvia, still looking for work and I decided to go there for no special reason other than to try my luck. As it was I had heard a young minister of Finance would be there that some of the Latvian in exile knew. His name was Krisjanis Karins. My friend had told me I should present myself and tell his name, so I did. It opened up to a friendly atmosphere when I posed a few questions! Now, to the story.

Upon entering, I spoke to the young lady working the cloak room and understood she was Estonian, and yes she spoke English. I asked for her card, she had one, and said she was working for the Estonian Tourism agency. At this time in life I had no idea I would become a Recruiter… Anyway, I treasured that card for the next 2-3 years until I had an assignment in Tallinn to recruit a Brand manager for The House of Prince. Whom do you think I called? – That young lady who was shocked, had forgotten all about me, which was not the point, MY JOB is to remember – and I knew she spoke Danish and was taking her MBA. I could then surprise her future manager with a person speaking his language and as we say – the rest is history.

But back to the delegation visiting….

I had noticed a man as I was putting my coat in the cloak room and introduced myself. I had no idea who he was, but because he was Swedish, and present at this occasion, I assumed it was for business. Within half-an-hour we had shared conversation over a cup of tea, and I had been offered to take over their Latvian operations. It was a forestry company – Munkedal Mezs!

So what is the secret – don’t think so much, instead DO SOMETHING, do something different, make yourself available, cut into conversation, have a business card and be present where things happen. I have done similar things many times later, my parents in fact coached me to go out and meet people not remain indoors‘ in the gloom!:) On list we work also placing people via a special program including membership, you might want to try? Or you may wish to evaluate yourself? We have the tool, and we have the contacts! And early bird catches the word, so prepare early – after all, it takes time to find that perfect employer, but they do exist! 🙂