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Sharing is winning


Sharing is winning

Talking about the need of Social distancing is actually not correct. It’s a Physical distancing, not Social, that we need to apply at this point in time. 

While being long term Physically distanced to others, we get reminded how key Social connection is to all of us. 

People do business with people. is a great initiative to connect business people. If we do want to expand our scope of business opportunities, we need to connect with people we do not yet know. Potential customers or business partners.  

I think we all agree, that most successful long term business relationships build on mutual trust. That does not come easy. We need to be generous with our own ideas and with appraisal of the great things others might come up with. That builds trust. I believe is a wonderful arena for encounters that may develop into win-win opportunities. 

For some time, it will be challenging to meet in larger groups. But we still need the social connection. And we all need the business opportunities. So I’m sure Henrik is finding ways forward, even in these special times. Our need to meet is still there. And it is quite fun to meet, isn’t it?

Andris Zvejnieks

Senior consultant at Stratvise (a consultancy network in Stockholm), with Riga as my second home