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LIQUIDITY Sept 18 Wine Tasting NEW World & Italian REDS

September 18, 2023 @ 18:30

Wine tasting as per Swedish www.munskankarna.se protocol 4-6 wines as per how many we are and the market pricing. We will serve water additionally, French baguettes freshly baked from Bernard Laranne’s Troubadour Gourmand” served with so called ”Russian cheese” (Krievu siers) https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvio-abrats-59a680136/

#Sept18#Monday ,”we are off to see the Wizard, the Wizard of Oz”.

-Not really but another type of surgery a ”vinification” one, as in #LIQUIDITY #WineClub

– we will taste RED wines for Winter – meaning from hotter temperature zones New World and Italian REDS for back-up.


-4-6 bottles served with French baguettes from Bernard Laranne, Krievju tasteless siers/cheese,

water for rinsing and Humour for Happiness! Price idea as per quality 55-65 ex VAT !


-And a challenge – maybe you can bring YOUR wine over, and we try it together??


-All takes place at #Caka34 in #PRIME circumstances! We need be ideally nine(9) people

for best economy, and certainly the more, the merrier -as in fun, and proper ideas’ exchange!

#HenrikM #B2BLiSTlv #SimplyREDS #aGlassHalf #Full is never empty!


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WELCOME to Liquidity where anything may happen!:)


September 18, 2023