S.O.S Bernu Darzs

B2BLiST has by initiative from its members decided to support the organisation work in the aid of children needing a respite from troubled homes so they can focus on the school and studies, harmony in a house as a-home-away-from-home. The most urgent need is food, entertainment and now in Corona virus times – face masks for those who care for them, as well as for the children. To that end S.O.S Villages in Latvia, has set up four (4) choices of what we can give them – which should allow anyone’s pocket fair chance! These categories are:

SAFETY, Package A EUR 10,00 – Respirator/face mask (FFP2), gloves and disinfectants for social workers who are visiting families during crises

FOOD, Package B EUR 15,00 – Food basket for families (Rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, sugar, oil, canned meat, etc.). At the moment 30 families with 104 children are in crisis situation, but there are more in the risk zone of being at the same situation soon.

MEDICAL, Package C EUR 50,00 – Medical expenses for one SOS family (6 children) for one month

SPORTS, Package D  EUR 150 – 240 – Sports’ equipment (table tennis, table hockey, table football) for Jelgava Youth House as well as for children from Support centers for foster families, guardians and adoptive parents

-WHY not pay for Three(3), or FIVE (5) of one of the packages A or B?

When you make the payment, please use the reference code LIST2020.

This way we can statistically see what came from our effort and this encourages us further – as you know success builds success!:)

-Should you wish to know more, or maybe contribute with food/other and speak to someone, Dace Straume, Corporate Relationship Manager can help you out!:)

                                                                  Latvijas SOS Bērnu ciematu asociācija                                                              Senču iela 4, Rīga, LV 1012

Tālr.+371 67372538

Mob. +371 2567 2677

e-pasts: dace.straume@sosbca.lv

www: www.sosbernuciemati.lv



Latvijas SOS bērnu ciematu asociācija

Zemitāna laukums 5, Rīga, LV-1006 Reģ. nr. 40008029381

SEB banka LV56UNLA0050011994184

Swedbank LV65HABA0551033254521

Luminor banka LV44NDEA0000083612402

Thank you for your kind support!:)